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RUSH is a collaboration between filmmakers, dancers, musicians, a choreographer, and lighting designer. We start


A bright, begrimed city

FrankieC He/Him BFA1 – School of Film/Video A bright, begrimed city A look at Los

Main Gallery

Loop Loop Loop

Yifan Xu MFA3 – School of Film/Video Loop Loop Loop attempts to explore film as

Main Gallery

A Certain Uncertainty

Wenxin Zhou she/her MFA1 School of Film/Video A Certain Uncertainty is a 16mm short film based



Wenxin Zhou she/her MFA1 – School of Film/Video  Eingang is a short film about the inter-transformation

Walt Disney Modular Theater

L-andmark W-ith time spent

Ty Moran they/them BFA2 – School of Film/Video In examining both the ephemeral and the



SmileyFaceOrg They/Them She/Her BFA2 – School of Film/Video – Character Animation A Peking Opera troupe

Walt Disney Modular Theater

Ru Da Dé

Sarah Konté MFA1 – School of Film/Video «Ru Da Dé» means «Dodged» in Pular. From

Roy O. Disney Concert Hall Lobby


Sage Markowitz They/Them BFA2 – School of Film/Video – Character Animation Hello, I’m Sage and

Wild Beast & Courtyard

Super Rich Kids (garage ver.)

Nancy-Bleu Hwang she/her BFA1 School of Film/Video Experimental Animation A short stop-motion music video of